Ifa Lethu Takes London

The Ifa Lethu Foundation is well known for both its local and global outreach programmes  showcasing South Africa’s emerging creative talent. Alongside its heritage repatriation and advocacy efforts, a strong development programme aimed at skilling creative entrepreneurs has been in place for the youth of South Africa.


Left to right: Hugh Masekela, Sujata Rajoo, Mick Hucknall, Bette Kun and Larry Willis

Dame Nicola Brewer (previous British High commissioner to SA) with her husband Geoff Gilham

Sir Michael Bear (Lord Mayor Locum Tenens) and Dr Anna Mokgokong

‘We have been planning our 20 Years of Democracy programme for almost three years,’ says Ifa Lethu CEO Dr Narissa Ramdhani. ‘The London events in the first week of September were highlights of our global programme.’

The London events have been positioned under the banner of financial investment to allow Ifa Lethu to act as the access point to critical networks for business in the UK and South Africa. Encouraging greater investment in South Africa would mean more employment for youth and others in deprived areas-thus finding synergy with the objectives of Ifa Lethu’s poverty alleviation and employment initiatives. This strategy demonstrated how

a heritage development organisation could be leveraged effectively globally and nationally-thus compelling sectors such as Government and the Private sector to view their work with respect.

The Gala investment dinner, which was preceded by a business breakfast hosted by Ifa Lethu, was held in the stunning Egyptian Room of Mansion House, the official residence of the Lord Mayor of London on the evening of 4th September. The purpose of the dinner was to create an opportunity for South African and British companies to network on the evening.

A charity auction was conducted by Bonhams of London where items such as art works by South African artists, Michael Selekane and Amita Makan, jewellery by Jenna Clifford, among others, raised funds for the Foundation’s development programme. It was followed by a special performance by jazz legends Hugh Masekela (an Ifa Lethu

Board member) and Larry Willis. CF

Dame Nicola Brewer (previous British