Mpho Nkadimeng

My name is Mpho Nkadimeng, I grew up without any art back ground. My first encounter of a drawing that captured my attention was when I was in grade two, an age when I had no  idea of anything that is related to art.

I first started drawing in grade four, which was really just doodling in class, and realising that it can keep me busy since I had no friends. I became addicted to it as it portrayed my overall perception of my fantasy world. I went on to draw by myself, teaching myself how to use colouring-in pencils that my mom always got from work (after realising that I love to draw)

Then in grade nine my vice principal taught me about something called fine arts and I had no idea what it was. But then it became something that I desperately wanted to achieve.

When I finished matric I applied for a course called Fine Arts at Tshwane University of Technology. When I got to university I came to realise that all my life I had been lacking more than I could imagine with art. I met other students who were better than I was but it was clear to me that I was only at the beginning and if I wanted to learn I have to humble myself and depend on myself like I never did before.