Emerging Crafters

Ifa Lethu  reaches out into rural communities to not only  upskill crafter’s work to export quality but also to give them business training and keep this  traditional indigenous knowledge alive to pass on to the next generation. Those initiatives were  launched  with our rural programmes, called “‘Creative Hands”  in 2010.

The programme consists of installing business incubators and mentoring  in various townships. It is a three-phase programme consisting of :

  1. NQF Level 2 – Production Training
  2. Business Development and Incubation
  3. Marketing and Distribution Models

With this format crafters learn how to meet the demands of their customers, manage their business and market their products.

Anna Mahlangu
Dala Kupa Co-operative, Kwaggafontein

Anna is 70 years old and has been crafting - beaded dolls, bracelets and sewing– for 56 years. Taught by her mother and another crafter Laurette, she has also received training from Ifa Lethu’s mobile workshop.

She comes from a family of nine, we eight still alive and with children of their own. Anna loves training young people. She says, “I am doing skills transfer to the young ladies so that our legacy will on”.

Her biggest dream? To see many of the youth taking their careers seriously and not taking drugs (nyaope).








Fikile Mabena
Siyazisiza Co-oparative, Kwaggafontein

Fikile is 25 and has been producing products for the past three years that involve embroidery, weaving, painting and beading.

This skill was taught to her by a long-time crafter Lettie Jiyane and she has received some training from the Ifa Lethu Foundation. Fikile is part of a family of 12 with her grandmother as the bread winner. Fikile’s earnings from her crafting skills are of considerable help to the family. She has taught her skills to one of her sisters and a brother.

Dreaming of becoming a nurse, financial constraints made this impossible. But after receiving an award from Ifa Lethu in February 2015 she is now enrolled at Oxbridge Academy and studying to be a safety officer.