Ideaology, headed up by Michelle Pretorius (Managing Director) and Craig Smith (Creative Director), is the design and advertising branch of the Iconic Group and the Design and Corporate Identity consultants to Ifa Lethu, having conceived the logo, corporate ID and all design since 2005. 

Launched on March 1, 1998, Ideaology meets the communication needs of small to medium sized business, where turnaround time, cost efficiencies and budget are essential. 

Ideaology is able to create and implement communication programmes across the full spectrum of the marketing mix:

  • Corporate identity concept, design and implementation
  • Design and copy for newsletters, posters, brochures, corporate profiles, calendars, greeting cards, events, including conferences
  • Copy, design and setting of annual reports
  • Packaging design
  • 3D printed and electronic invitations
  • Specialist magazine design layout
  • Solutions to promotional item needs
  • Conceptualise and develop advertising messages across all platforms
  • Develop complete end-to-end website solutions
  • Converting publications to a digital platform