Bette Kun

Bette Kun has been the PR and Marketing Consultant for Ifa Lethu since 2005. As a Marketing Communications professional Bette has worked both locally and globally on a diverse range of projects and clients and brings this extensive experience to bear on the strategic direction of Ifa Lethu.

With strengths in the global IT sector, Bette worked in the USA for 5 years before returning to South Africa to head up a local full-service PR agency. It was during this time that Ifa Lethu was conceived, launched and positioned as the country’s most successful heritage organisation. Bette works closely with Ifa Lethu’s CEO to strategise and plan the Foundation’s awareness and positioning – whether it be in heritage repatriation, establishing the Fashion line, or moving into the development of creative entrepreneurs. Her writing and technology skills enable maximum use of new and traditional media.